Private Consultations

LEAP - Lifestyle, Eating and Performance
Is your food making you sick? Adverse reactions to foods and food-chemicals can play a role in many common illnesses including irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, fibromyalgia, arthritis, eczema, and autism. Lanah is a LEAP certified Registered Dietitian, she utilizes a variety of methods to help patients identify their trigger foods, including health history, Mediator Release Testing (MRT), and elimination diets. Her counseling is practical and can have a tremendous positive impact in her patient’s lives.

Eating & Lifestyle Changes
The questions come down to a few important ones... what to eat, when and how much? I teach clients how to answer them for themselves, in any situation, so their confidence increases as they learn to take control, even in unexpected situations, as they find a healthier lifestyle with more fun and enjoyment in eating. Grocery outings and in-home assessments are also available.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
This discipline is an essential component of comprehensive health care services. Individuals with a variety of conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, renal disease and obesity can improve their health and quality of life. MNT can increase health and well-being, facilitate decreased doctor visits, hospitalizations and reduce prescription drug use.

Diabetes Education
Taking good care of yourself can seem overwhelming when you have diabetes- whether you just learned that you have the disease or you’ve had it for a long time. As a Certified Diabetes Educator, Lanah has the advanced knowledge and skills to help you gain control.  Diabetes education sessions will help you master daily diabetes self-management skills including blood glucose monitoring, meal planning, medications, physical activity, reducing risks, problem solving and healthy coping.

Group Nutrition

Speaking Engagements
Lanah is a nutrition, health and wellness speaker and is happy to design a program for the unique needs of your organization. She is available for private functions and corporate seminars.

Topics Include:
  • Eating for Maximum
  • Health Eating on the Go
  • Fad Diets
  • Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
  • Beauty from the Inside

Group Classes
Group nutrition counseling is a great way to meet your health and nutrition goals with the support of others. Lanah offers group weight loss and diabetes education classes in the office. Classes are limited to 10 participants; please contact us for more information.


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