Lanah Brennan

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

About Lanah

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,                                Diabetes Care & Education Specialist 

My practice in Lafayette, Louisiana is dedicated to helping clients achieve a healthier balance in their lives… they gain a better self-image, greater control, and satisfaction in their choices for eating in any setting. I make it easier to reach goals without making it a chore… at home, dining out, snacking on the run, even on vacation or special occasions… and when medical needs require careful planning and attention. I welcome your questions at any time.

Some of my services include:

– Diabetes Education
– Medical Nutrition Therapy
– Eating & Lifestyle Changes
– Group Nutrition Classes
– Speaking Engagements



Client Testimonials

"I remember the day that Lanah went with me to the market. She literally walked down every aisle with me and discussed everything that would be appropriate for me to eat. It was wonderful because I discovered that I could eat certain items that I never would have thought about in the past."

- Cynthia L. Teacher

Lanah takes a very positive and encouraging approach to nutritional counseling. She has recommended meal plans that are personalized, and has given me guidance and education in making lifestyle improvements that directly affect my chronic medical conditions. Lanah emphasizes making more beneficial food choices rather than a program of eating that promotes suppression and deprivation. Some of the results that I have experienced are lower triglyceride levels, lower average blood glucose, and weight loss. I am now trending in the right direction thanks to Lanah!

- Bruce P., Insurance Agent

Going to see Lanah each month has helped me lose weight and control my blood sugars. I am now eating more vegetables, enjoying healthy snacks and exercising daily.

Thank you Lanah!

-Jennifer J., Homemaker

I am a former professional dancer and fitness professional, that has always been active. But, working out alone was not doing enough after having two kids. I went to see Lanah and she gave me an amazing amount of clear information as well as recipes. Her food plans for me allowed me to stabilize my moods and energy throughout the day. I was able to lose 25lbs and a year later I am still happily maintaining.


-Jennifer W., Fitness Company Entrepreneur

Working with Lanah has helped me tremendously! For many years, I have attended several different exercise "boot camps" that have included food diaries, calorie counting, menu suggestions, but with no help in understanding why certain foods are better than others or even what portion sizes to eat. Now that I am eating balanced meals and snacks, I realized that I don't need to eat everything that is on my plate. My cravings have lessened and I feel better, and less bloated! I am losing weight and can still make room for dessert!

Thanks to Lanah, I can actually think of food as energy for my body and not emotional relief for my mind!

-Lori S., Cosmetologist

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do you accept insurance?
Lanah is an in-network provider with most major insurance companies. Please contact our office with coverage questions as benefits can vary depending on your policy.
What should I do before my visit?
Keeping a food journal of what you eat and drink for five days or more can be helpful to make the most out of your session.
What should I expect during the initial visit?
During your first consultation with Lanah you can expect to discuss your medical and social history, explore goals, previous diets and their outcomes, your relationship with food and family history. Lanah will help develop strategies to accomplish your goals and coach you along the way.
Do I need a referral?
Some insurance policies require a referral from your physician for visit coverage. Our office can request a referral if needed.

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